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Safety and decorative railings and handrails are an essential part of your home or business. Railings can help ensure that people or pets do not fall off a  balcony, deck, or porch. Having a handrail to grab on to can make a huge difference, especially when stairs and entryways become wet or icy as they so often do here in Colorado.  It is important to make sure that your loved ones or clients are safe whatever the weather. We can provide that additional layer of security while also enhancing the look of your property with new railings. 

Custom Railings For Homes and Businesses in Denver, Colorado

Here at Horizon Fencing, we treat your property like our own and we look forward to making your home or business stand out from your neighbors with a custom look.  Unlike some of our competitors, we fabricate all of our railings in-house and are able to create an array of different railing styles from the strictly functional to elaborate designs.  Whatever your needs are, we will work with you to create your perfect handrail or railing system. If you want a custom design we can create it entirely from scratch or we can create a railing from a photo or drawing of your desired design.  If you need to follow ADA requirements, we know the regulations inside and out and will make sure you are compliant.   Additionally, we can create fences and gates (driveway and walk gates) made to match your new railings.  We do not just fabricate ornamental iron railings, we can also use other metal materials depending on your needs. 

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Deck and Exterior Railings & Handrails

Horizon fencing offers a a wide assortment of exterior railings and handrails for your home or business' balcony, deck, stairs, porch, or anywhere else on your property! Our railings are both beautiful and durable.  We offer railings and handrails in an array of materials, but most frequently, we create our railings and handrails from ornamental iron, other metal such as steel or aluminum, as well as wood such as cedar or redwood. Our metal railing systems will give your home a classic and traditional style. Metal spindles and handrails are strong, durable, and easy to maintain.  Horizon Fencing specializes in the highest quality, low-maintenance metal railings to meet your needs. Our custom metal railings and handrails for exteriors are designed using the highest quality materials and will outlast the life of your home. Our wood railing and handrails can be painted or stained to match your existing fence, deck or exterior décor and are designed to last for 15-30 years. 

Interior Railings

Highest quality, low maintenance metal railings to meet your needs. Available ornamental Iron, aluminum, and even stainless steel. Our Custom Metal Handrails are designed using the highest quality steel. A handrail/staircase, indoors or out, made by Horizon Fencing, will outlast the home.


Horizon Fencing specializes in the highest quality, low-maintenance metal railings to meet your needs. .  Our Custom handrails for staircases or decks are designed using the highest quality steel. A handrails and railings indoors or out, made by Horizon Fencing will outlast the home. 

Added Safety

Prevents Falls

Provides Comfort

Essential During Inclement Weather Elegant

Increases Property Value 

A railing  has many benefits including: 

Railings and Handrails in Denver, CO

The Benefits of Railings

Railing Installation & Repair in Denver, CO

If you are looking for new railings or handrails, Horizon Fencing is the company for you.  Our ornamental iron railings are functional and can add beauty and sophistication to your home or business.   Railings and handrails can help you gain peace of mind and improved your property's safety by helping to prevent falls.  

With decades of experience, we’re happy to discuss your unique needs and custom fabricate ornamental railings.  Additionally, we can match your railings to your ornamental iron fence or gate.  Once created, our railing specialists will schedule a time to come install your railings and handrails. 


Contact us today to learn more about our railing options and receive your custom quote!

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Deck railings and Handrails

Why Horizon Fencing?

When looking for a fencing contractor to assist you with your fencing project it can be overwhelming with number of choices out there. Horizon Fencing has been committed to serving homeowners and businesses throughout Colorado's Front Range and the Denver Metro area with the highest-quality fence products and exceptional service since 1983.

Whether you need residential, commercial, or industrial fencing, Horizon Fencing is the fence company you can trust. We specialize in all types of fences and can build wood and metal fences in a wide variety of styles to satisfy your specific needs. Horizon Fencing provides fast and friendly service with the ability to work around your busy schedule. 

Quality Materials

Exceptional Service

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Extensive Product Knowledge

Friendly & Polite Staff 

Working With Us

You're only a few steps away from getting a beautiful looking new fence with the privacy and security you need. 

Get in Touch

Contact us by filling out one of our forms online or by giving us a call to schedule an estimate. By providing us with some details about your project, we will be more prepared to discus your project when we meet with you.  


One of our fencing specialist will come to your home or business to access your project. They will get measurements, discuss styles, as well as, provide recommendations and pricing for your fence.  


Once we have an agreement in place, we will provide you with our availability and find an option that works well with your schedule. Typically, we schedule about 4 weeks out. So, reach out sooner, rather than later! 


Our professional crews will come to you to build your new fence or repair your existing fence. Once completed we will walk through the project with you to ensure that it meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 


“I had a residential fence and gate installed in the front part of my property.  The entire process was very prompt and professional, and the finished product was quite stunning.  I have received many  compliments from the neighbors and friends.  I think it looks terrific, and so well crafted, and I am very very proud.  The entire fencing crew is the best!"

- Iby Junkett, Homeowner from Denver, CO 

“Horizon put in a new fence and gate. They were  professional, competent, and hardworking. The fence is beautiful.  The gate is perfect. I highly recommend them."

- Francine Walker, Homeowner from Denver, CO

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