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Fence Maintenance

Maintaining your fence is important to keep your fence functioning well and looking good. Taking care of any issues that arise early can sometimes make the difference between having to make a small repair now instead of a fence replacement in the future.  The type of maintenance required will depend on your fence and the material it is constructed from. Additionally, we also recommend that you check your gates for issues as well. 

Horizon Fencing can assist you with any fence repairs you may need.

Wood Fence Maintenance 

It is important for you to check your fence regularly for any signs of damage such as significant warping or rotting, as well as damage caused by landscaping or insects. It is important to note that wood can naturally have cracks, knots, and some minor warping due to weathering.   

Check Your Pickets 

If you have any nails or screws that are loose, you should hammer or screw them back into place. Pickets that have become warped can be secured with nails or screws so long as they can be connected.   Individual pickets that are damaged can also be replaced.    

Check Your Fence Posts

Inspect the bottom of the posts to see if the wood is starting to rot. If you have extensive rot, you will need to get a replacement post. You should also check for damage caused by weed whacking and try to keep this to a minimum in the future.


Metal Fence Maintenance 

Metal fences typically require little-to-no maintenance.  Sometimes you may find some chips to the coating of the fence and this can cause rust if it is not repaired.  To repair chips we recommend that you sand down the area around the chip then apply apply a primer that is rust inhibiting before painting over the top with an exterior enamel paint. 

Chain Link Fences

You will want to look at the individual links in the fence to see if they are bent. If they are, it is easy to fix this type of damage with pair of pliers to reweave the links.  Living in Colorado, we often get snow that can build up on the fence's top rail causing it bow.  This can be fixed by rolling the top rail and retying.

Ready to get started on your new fence?

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